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Song Click the notes to hear the song.



Song Click the notes to hear the song.


Cowboy's dreams are haunting him,
Now his life is growing dim.
Cowboy's past is driving him,
Causing him to walk in sin.
Stealing from his family,
Leaving them behind.
Thinking if he gets away,
He'll find peace of mind.


Running from his problems,
he don't know where he's going.
Riding down the trail of life,
bad seeds he is sowing.
Feeling like a failure,
he don't know what he's doing.
Rejection is killing him,
he knows that he is losing.


Cowboy's fears are tracking him,
Will he have peace again.
Life's a gamble for him,
Will he lose or win.
Everywhere he goes in life
trouble seems to find him.
Riding long and hard, looking
for a place to begin.

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