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Born Again Cowboy

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Verse 1

Once there was a cowboy, beaten by his foe.
Every trail he took, trouble seemed to go.
After much pain, he prayed unto the Lord.
'Lord, please help me, I can't take it anymore.'


Cowboy, born again cowboy.
Branded by the Spirit of the Lord.
Riding hard spreading the Gospel,
preaching Jesus forevermore.
I've been delivered, know what's in store.
Now I can help you find the Lord,
find the Lord.
Born again cowboy, ready for war.

Verse 2

I was in bondage 'til Jesus set me free.
So blind was I, but now I can see.
Gave up my world, yielded to the Lord.
I'm loosed from my past, it can't hurt me anymore.



I'm a born again cowboy, riding with the word,
telling about Jesus, have you heard?
He's the best cowboy you'll ever know,
saddle up your ponies and be ready to go.
I saddle up my heavenly steed, ready for war.
I'm tracking the devil to settle up the score.
I lassoed him with my rope and drug him to his knees,
danced on his head with both soles of my feet.


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