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Tim and Michelle Marsh74 Cowboy Lane, Sanford, NC 27330, 919-499-8493
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Cowboy Trail

Cowboy Trail is a Christian film about a lost and wayward cowboy experiencing difficulty with the devil he doesn't recognize. Set in the late 1800’s, “Johnny Westbrook” is a cowboy who leaves his ranch, family, and problems behind, or so he thinks.  He rides to an oppressed town and wrestles with demons, real and imagined.  The story deals with spiritual battles, prejudice, suicide, salvation, and victory.

The making of this movie was inspired by the original live drama, Cowboy Trail. Starting with an idea, one camera, and a handful of people, the movie has grown to four-camera shoots and a cast and crew numbering nearly 150. Tim acknowledges God for this burst of growth.

Cowboy Trail Stills

Producer Tim Marsh (Bio)

A Vision – Yesterday, Today and Forever. (from Carolina Reel Magazine)

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